[*] Internet Society Canada chapter established

Dan Keizer dan at keizer.ca
Tue Apr 16 08:14:25 CDT 2013

Some of you may have an interest in this ...

Yesterday, there was a brief web broadcast on the Internet Society with the
Canada chapter being formed.


Initial (advocacy) prime issues (from the website) include:

   - Net neutrality, which pertains to Internet transparency, freedom of
   expression and user choice
   - Technical standards
   - Accessibility to quality Internet in rural and remote areas of Canada
   - Internet service provider concentration
   - Cross-ownership of content providers by Internet carriers

Certainly, relevant hot topics in recent times ...

Membership in the society is free -- via this link:
You join the group by joining the Canada Chapter.

A number of supporting groups/people were present - including CIRA CEO
Byron Holland.

Some other topics on the webinar:
Youth outreach - Providing the appropriate channel of communication with
appropriate topics.
Access, rural and first nations.
Advocating for internet community in Ottawa and Provincially.

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