[*] Re: [biz] Nerd Vittles launches new "PBX in a Flash" Asterisk Distro

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Fri Nov 16 13:40:17 CST 2007

Interesting.. but check out http://www.elastix.org/ - another great
mix it together product.

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On Nov 16, 2007 2:35 PM, Steve Lecomte <steve.lecomte at gmail.com> wrote:
> Looks like Ward Mindy and the Nerd Vittles crew has been busy. As Ward
> puts it this is the 'steroid enhanced version of Asterisk @ Home.'
> An interesting side-note to this story is that they put this version
> together in 3 weeks and that it is rock solid. Very Impressive.
> PBX in a Flash is their (and others) response to the direction of Trixbox.
> Here, here! .. I was just having the same conversation last night with
> one of our well know luminaries.
> This will give a large portion of the community a real boost. My guess
> is many group members cut their teeth on Asterisk at Home.
> PBX in a Flash includes:
> - Asterisk 1.4.13, FreePBX 2.3.1, Apache, MySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin,
> SendMail, Perl, Flite, and much more.
> Details can be found here. Demand for the available versions are in
> very high demand.
> http://nerdvittles.com/index.php?p=194
> Tom Keating's perspective
> http://blog.tmcnet.com/blog/tom-keating/asterisk/pbx-in-a-flash-asterisk-distro-launches.asp
> The rationale behind yet another Asterisk distro? Well, Ward explained
> his reasoning as follows:
> "As some of you know, we just haven't been thrilled with the direction
> of the trixbox project lately. Without boring everyone with a lot of
> detail, suffice it to say that it's just gotten a little too
> proprietary, too closed, and too commercial for our open source,
> puritanical tastes. So today, with a bunch of help from some really
> sharp folks, we embark upon a new open source project that we hope
> will become the best-of-breed Asterisk-based development platform. Our
> design goals are simple: a very modular system that meets the needs of
> Asterisk experimenters as well as those looking for a reliable,
> scalable, IP-based business telephony solution with all the bells and
> whistles."
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