[*] PRI channel banks

Dominic Crompton DCrompton at ktc.mb.ca
Tue Feb 28 13:20:43 CST 2006

Hello all,

I am currently designing a rather large and intricate voice network for my company. We plan on delivering asterisk services to rural and urban markets we already service with broadband.

I have a colo and want to toss in some redundant asterisk servers that will multiplex into the PSTN. Now in my mind it would look like this in the colo:

* server----                                        *-PRI Channel Bank
* server----+hub interconnection----+---PRI Channel Bank
* server----                                       *--PRI Channel Bank

The asterisk servers within the colo would solely be used to remote ip phones over broadband connections, with then pass the calls to redundant channel banks with PRIs to go onto the PSTN. The channel banks them selves would be running dumbed down asterisk to handel IAX trunks from CPE(customer premises) PBXs i've setup to go out on the PSTN.

Does this look correct? Anything i've overlooked? Any suggestions?


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