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M Bergen mbergen at skyweb.ca
Mon Feb 27 19:54:24 CST 2006

Hi Bill;
I am starting up a small business, so the 10 DID's would be nice.
I thought Shaw was an ISTP with their digital phone service.
I have Les's addy (les.net) what is John's? I would like to contact them and
see if they are able to supply service to the Elmwood area.
Thanks again for everyone's advice and help.

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M Bergen wrote:

> This seems a little steep as I'm wanting 10 numbers and the ability for 

Is this for business use?  Not sure why you want 10 DIDs. Each DID will cost
least $4/mon.

> at least three simultaneous connections. Can you add your own DID's 
> obtained elsewhere to shaw? Are there any other alternatives for the 

3 simultaneous connection can be done easily over Shaw. You could opt for
Shaw Xtreme for an additional $10/mon or the VoIP QoS option if you had 
performance issues.

So both Les and John are very good possibilities. I do not know why you are 
talking to Shaw since they are not an ITSP.

-- Bill
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