[*] I can hear my voice?!?

Bill Reid billreid at shaw.ca
Sun Feb 26 22:08:50 CST 2006

M Bergen wrote:
> Hearing your own voice becomes annoying really, really fast. If anyone has
> any ideas as to what I should try next (or did wrong) please let me know.
> Here is a copy of my zapata.conf:

There are a lot of articles on echo on voip-info.org.

I spent a lot of time trying to remove echo with my X100P and was never really 
successful. If you move to an ITSP you bascially do not get echo or at least not 
as annoying.  I do intend to try it with Shaw digital phone. It may be better 
since the 2 wire <-> 4 wire occurs very close (i.e. at the modem)

The thing that I found was that if I talked for 15-30 seconds or so it would go 
away. This implies to me that the echo cancellation training eventually was 

But you are correct it is annoying and for me was a show stopper using the X100P.

> rxgain=8.0

I think the rxgain is causing some of the problem but I never could get a good 
handle on that. I believe raising rxgain makes any echo coming back louder.

-- Bill

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