[*] docsis query

DAN KEIZER ve4drk at shaw.ca
Thu Jun 9 00:24:20 CDT 2005

With the info that's been discussing recently regarding latency and the like on mts/shaw's systems WRT voip, I did a little digging ... I have shaw extreme internet (I like it .. alot) ... I have the docsis 2.0 motorola modem (SB5100 surfboard cablemodem).  It seems that this little modem has an http and snmp server and it appears that shaw has disabled the customer-side of the snmp server :-( I'd be interested in knowing if anyone has been able to get any stats out of this system. The built-in httpd server ( provides very limiited information from the pages I've been able to hit.

There was a website ( http://homepage.ntlworld.com/robin.d.h.walker/cmtips/latency.html ) i was perusing which discusses latency issues with the docsis .. interesting .. i didn't realize that any extra transmissions from the client side over the bandwidth limiting control just gets dumped and would have to be re-tx'ed .. so it certainly makes good sense to throttle the router back .. don't know about what the modem would do in this case or whether it is even configurable for bandwidth limiting on it's side.  anyone know anything more about this modem/config options?

Learned something new ..


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