[*] DID's for Winnipeg

LES.NET (1996) INC. voip at les.net
Fri Jan 21 09:01:59 CST 2005

Since there is intelligent life on this new planet, I'll post some info on
myself and my asterisk warez.

...Been running Asterisk for close to a year.  Started with some FXS/FXO
and an IAXy, and moved to PRI.   PRI's rule.

I'm not a dialplan fan.  My common phrase is that the asterisk apps and
dialplan are not mature enough right now for serious applications...
Unless of course your a C geek (which I am not) and you write your own

So that makes me an AGI fan by default.  I'm a self proclaimed master of
the AGI/EAGI realm.  Every app I have is done using the AGI, and I plan on
sticking with it.   .. have spent a lot of time developing an AGI/EAGI
framework that allows for inter-agi-communication and granular remote
session management through a windows console (no, its not open-source).

I've got a production asterisk system running PRI with DID capability for
winnipeg.   I use group telecom, so I have 480-xxxx DID's.   Can also
terminate 800#'s via SIP/IAX.

So obviously anyone can peer with my system via SIP/IAX using
ilbc,gsm,g729,etc.  if they choose to.

I posted to the asterisk-biz list a few days ago offering my services.
(see below).   Those prices subject to change, and I neglected to think
about a setup fee.   Either way, if anyone is interested in a real DID for
their asterisk box, just send me an email.

LES.NET (1996) INC.

Termination & DID Rates for Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Covers the following areas in Manitoba.
        Metro Winnipeg,MB
        Sanford;MB,St Adolphe;MB,St Francois Xavier;MB,
        Starbuck;MB,Stonewall;MB,Stony Mountain;MB

SIP/IAX with G.729.

(All prices below in canadian funds.  As of Jan 13, $1 CAD = $0.832 USD)
I accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard.

These prices have no monthly volume commitment.
If you have volume, please contact me for lower pricing.

Termination to the Metro Winnipeg + Surrounding area is: $0.0075/minute

204 DID's are: $5/month.  Inbound/Outbound rate is $0.0075/Minute.

Looking forward to the asterisk user group, and seeing what everyone else
has done with it.


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