What is UniForum Canada?

This information is almost certainly obsolete and of historical significance only.

Last modified: 30 November 1994.
UniForum Canada is a non-profit membership organisation, affiliated with UNIX-related user groups across the country, as well as with UniForum(tm) The International Association of Open Systems Professionals.

Its goals are to encourage the co-operation and mutual assistance among users, suppliers and others, of UNIX and UNIX-compatible computer systems, and to encourage the development and dissemination of, and provide a forum for, the exchange of techniques, applications, software, documentation, procedures and related information for UNIX and UNIX-compatible computer systems.

UniForum Features

UniForum Canada membership fees are $107/year for general membership, and $26.75/year for associate membership (including 7% GST). UniForum fees can be paid to MUUG, along with your MUUG membership fee, and will be forwarded to UniForum Canada.
Last modified: 30 November 1994.
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