[RndTbl] Rapid prototyping of multi-user database for LAN/Server environment

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Sun Mar 26 02:26:46 CDT 2023

On 2023-03-25 Brock Wolfe wrote:
> The primary focus is on rapid prototyping of the databases, forms, 
> screens, reports, etc.  over scalable and production grade software 
> platform suite (ie. LAMP)
> A little looking around, and I found the similar LibreOffice BASE and 
> HyperSQL (www.hsqldb.org).

Brad & I have been looking for something like that and it's like the
Holy Grail of computing.  We've yet to find the "perfect" platform.  So
myself, I just write all my own stuff and my own libraries and have it
down pretty pat where I can create (web) apps pretty quickly.

Are you aiming more for desktop-based, or web-based?

But I'm still always on the lookout for what you describe.  I'll check
out HyperSQL: never heard of it.  I, too, am interested in hearing
about other options.  (Non-windows based of course!)

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