[RndTbl] Unix at 25

Gilbert Detillieux Gilbert.Detillieux at umanitoba.ca
Tue Mar 14 15:22:57 CDT 2023

What? Don't you mean 52?  (Or actually almost 54 by now?)

So, back in 1994, Peter H. Salus wrote a book "A Quarter Century of 
Unix", and then an article with the title "Unix at 25" for the October 
1994 issue of Byte Magazine.

At the in-person MUUG meeting last week, one of the give-aways was a 
print edition of that issue of Byte.  For those who are sad they missed 
out in this prized issue, here's an electronic copy of the Salus article...


And for those interested in a copy of his book (either purchasing a 
print copy, or downloading the PDF), you can find out more about it here...


... along with other historical Unix publications here...


Enjoy the trip down memory lane!


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