[RndTbl] Who has the hardware/know-how to read a miniature SD HC card used in CPAP machines?

Gilbert Detillieux Gilbert.Detillieux at umanitoba.ca
Fri Mar 10 11:49:36 CST 2023

SD cards, and their smaller, more modern replacement, Micro SD, are 
fairly common, and there are many readers available that will plug into 
a USB port, and most will handle both types of cards.

An online search such as this should point you to reviews and prices for 


You can pick up a small one (about the size and shape of a USB memory 
stick) for less than $10.


On 2023-03-10 11:14 a.m., eh at eduardhiebert.com wrote:
> Can you or do you know of who has the hardware/know-how to read a 
> miniature SD HC card used in CPAP machines?
> Overall its but a tiny miniature approximation of the 3.5" square HD 
> floppies measuring approximately 122x132mm  (7/8 x 1.25 inches).
> In the further detail  the ResMed brand micro diskette labelled SD HC 
> has a rectangular plastic disk frame.  The insert end has one corner 
> notched off with a hyper small rectangular notch on the same long side 
> edge similar to the old 7" floppies.  On the opposite long side it has a 
> small slider to lock or unlock
> Unlike the 3.5" floppies which have a slider that exposes the floppy, 
> this one has 9 gold plated tabs at the notched end where 7 have a 
> plastic insert divider and the 8th immediately below the notched off 
> corner has two tabs for a total of 9 tab sections.

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