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I haven’t heard of Digiparts before, nice to see there’s another vendor in Winnipeg!  (Colin: Where on Sargent?  Their website conspicuously omits an address.)
If you need somewhere open after 5pm, Princess Auto currently has 50’ HDMI cables in stock at Panet Rd. for $39.99.

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Hi Kevin, here's some info.

-Note the difference between "HDMI over catX cable" and "HDMI over Ethernet". For the first case, HDMI signals are converted with simple processing to run over one or a pair of catX cables. Cheap adapters like
https://www.amazon.ca/Extender-Converter-Yukidoke-Compatible-Unilateral/dp/B09LXJF3Z1/  for $40-80 do that pretty well but can be affected by video resolution, cable length and quality. Sometimes if you are lucky at Krazy Binz you'll find a pair of those remaining on $10 or $5 days. More advanced adapters that compress the multi-gbps HDMI video signal into a stream of approx 100mbps and encapsulate it into IP packets to run over standard Ethernet connections cost hundreds of dollars+ per link and add latency.

-HDMI max length with passive cables is around 50ft on most equipment, if you're doing 4K resolution later it'd be likely less. Digiparts.ca is located on Sargent, opening hours vary but they have 50ft HDMI cables for $30.

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Here's another question I was going to ask at the meeting but forgot about. It's not UNIX/Linux-related but I was hoping for some input.

Does anyone have experience with HDMI-over-Ethernet extenders? Do they work? Do the less-expensive ones work? :-)  Should I just get a really long HDMI cable? What's the upper length limit for HDMI cables (1080p)? It would be under 50 ft.
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