[RndTbl] intel-media-driver with Intel 1165G7 and Rocky 9

Chris Audet cj.audet at gmail.com
Sat Mar 4 12:39:47 CST 2023

@Adam great breakdown, thanks!

*>Maybe it would be helpful if Chris told us his laptop brand / model*
Lenovo Thinkbook 14 G2 ITL with Intel 1165G7 (no dedicated GPU, just Intel

*>and confirm what the base issue is*
Thankfully there's no actual problem I'm trying to fix, as far as I can
tell the Intel iGPU works great out of the box, including browser video
This was mostly a follow up from last month's meeting.  It was suggested
that the hardware might be too new for the kernel that ships with Rocky 9,
and I was directed to look at the Intel stuff on this KB
<https://rpmfusion.org/Howto/Multimedia>.  If no action is needed then then
I'll just keep on truckin' 🙂

*>you probably don’t want to enable RPMFusion on any corporate system
without checking with your company’s lawyer(s)*
Good insight, I never considered this.  This is a personal device but we've
also got a handful of Rocky Linux VMs at work, so I will double check.

On Sat, Feb 18, 2023 at 11:33 PM Adam Thompson <athompso at athompso.net>

> Ah, yes, much detail was omitted in the OP :-).
> Both nVidia and AMD have solutions for that under Linux, but IIRC they
> barely worked.  I think nVidia's was called Optimus, can't recall the AMD
> name.
> The VAAPI driver may or may not help his system, but it sure won't do GPU
> switching!
> The nVidia binary drivers may work with Wayland, but as of ~12mos ago, the
> consensus was "just run X", and I can't find anything that says it's
> officially supported at all.
> The AMD story is barely even documented... typical. :-/ It was relatively
> rare in the wild to find switchable AMD GPUs in the first place.
> As usual, ArchLinux has top-notch documentation on the subject:
> https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/hybrid_graphics
> Looks like if you want PRIME under Waytland, you may be pulling a
> Panasonic: just slightly ahead of your time!
> -Adam
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> On 2023-02-18 Adam Thompson wrote:
> > You’re not seeing any results because that’s not a kernel module.
> Ya, no .ko.xz, no kernel module in the rpm.
> Adam nailed it.  But we should go back to Chris' main pain point, which
> you might have missed because he brought it up at the last meeting: (I
> think) he wants the hardware/software switching that some laptops do
> between discrete / onboard video auto-switching to work in linux.
> But now that we're reading all this detail, I'm a bit baffled because
> Intel doesn't really do a discrete / onboard thing at all, do they?
> Now, maybe Chris has a Intel-onboard / Nvidia-discrete laptop, which
> were somewhat common on the high-end in the past?
> And AFAIK no one ever got those to work with Linux (in X) without
> having a reboot in between and doing a bunch of driver disabling/etc.
> They were more a Windows thing.
> And I think (from other conversations) he doing this because games.
> Maybe it would be helpful if Chris told us his laptop brand / model,
> and confirm what the base issue is.
> P.S. Nice that Intel is trying to do linux drivers "right" (sans the
> auto-switching).  I fight with the nvidia binary akmod issues every few
> years, and it's a real pain they don't just integrate it all into the
> kernel.
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