[RndTbl] RHEL pulls source code

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Sat Jun 24 23:45:13 CDT 2023

On 2023-06-24 Alberto Abrao wrote:
> * Yes, current. For Desktop users it may not seen like it, but Server 
> distros move on a different pace. Debian has new releases every 3 or
> so years, so you can get your PHP -or whatever -  ducks in a row. If
> you're not ready, you have time, because older versions hang around
> for at least two more years. For a community distribution with no
> strings attached, what more can you ask for, really?

Ya, but apt-cache apt-get... ugh.  And the "read the notes every time
you update".  And daemons named the wrong thing.  And directories named
wrong and in the wrong place.  And...

There's lots to be said for using the distro I've used for 24 years!  I
know where everything is (ex the systemd debacle).  ;-)

Since, as Adam said, Oracle and Amazon can't just say "oh well, we
don't have a distro now", I think we should see what the "big guys"
say.  Actually, I think it'll be even more interesting to see what the
little guys (Rocky et al) say.  When people hear from them, plz post
here.  Summer just heated up!

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