[RndTbl] USB3 to Ethernet, to make NAS

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Fri Jan 27 02:24:02 CST 2023

On 2023-01-26 Hartmut W Sager wrote:
> Indeed, I did conflate high-MTBF with "good for always-on".  Now if
> we do go for the extra computer or SBC on a LAN, we have noticed that
> this external USB3 8TB HDD connected to her current desktop computer
> does spin-down quite soon after last access, and her access pattern
> would be a few hours of almost continuous access followed by no
> access for the rest of the 24-hour day.

Yes, that access pattern would help prolong its life, as long as the OS
isn't doing random/periodic weirdness that wakes it up every few mins
or hours.  That would actually be harder on it.  You won't know until
you make your rig and see how it behaves.

> See somewhere above; for the moment, we have that 2nd HDD (mine), but
> we may get her something additional.  But question:  Are the cheap
> ones "reliable" if we operate such a HDD for very few hours, or are
> they junky all around, and prone to failure even with low usage?  I
> suspect the latter, and if so, I'll avoid the "cheapest one".

What I propose would mean buying a dirt cheap USB for periodic backups:
as in plug it in, copy all the contents from the main drive (wait 10
hours), then unplug the cheap one and put it in a closet.  Wait a few
weeks/months and rinse/repeat.  That is most USB drives' design use case
and most should have decent longevity when used in that manner.

> If we go Pi, I presume I could engage one of you MUUG folks here for
> payment?

If you wanted to hire someone, best to spec out what you expect the box
to do in terms of protocols supported and any extra s/w required (such
as a media sharing server).  I'm great at normal boxes with Fedora,
others here are (much) better at Pi.  Maybe if someone is interested in
helping with the job they can private email you.  You could also put
out an official request on the jobs at muug.ca list.  I would assume
someone could set you up very quickly, as I'm sure there are prebuilt
tools for all of this: it can't be that rare a use case.  Good luck!

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