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Wow, all this SCSI talk sure sends me down memory lane.  So, Trevor, let's add another twist:  You didn't mention the distinction between active and passive terminators.  (The active ones are superior, and usually have a nice glowing diode/LED indicator when they are functioning properly.)


On Thu 12 Jan 2023 at 18:08:38 -06:00, Trevor Cordes <trevor at tecnopolis.ca> wrote:
> On 2023-01-12 Alberto Abrao wrote:
> > 
> > I am not very familiar with SCSI, It may be easier for me to just  
> > explain what I want to do.
> Haha, welcome to the very simple and carefree world of SCSI.
> > - IBM TotalStorage Ultrium Tape Drive (3580-L23). 
> > https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/overview-ibm-totalstorage-ultrium-tape-drive-3580-l2
> Ultra160 is 68 pin, LVD and wide.  It says the tape itself can push
> 20MB/s, up to 40 if you luck out on compression.  So really any lvd
> fast wide card should run it at max speed.
> > - SCSI Cable. One ends seems to connect on the drive, the other one 
> > would connect to the card, presumably.
> Did you check if your cable can connect to external box?  And the cable
> is the same on both sides?  Should look like a super-dense connector.
> You can match it up with pictures online.
> The IBM spec says they supplied a terminator with the drive.  That
> probably means the drive itself doesn't do optional self-termination
> (bummer).  Is the 2nd connector on the drive case filled with a
> terminator?  I do not have any 68 pin terminators.  They are rare.
> Might be easier to find another external 68 pin SCSI device that can do
> self-termination and put that on the end of the chain.  :-)
> I have these cards that offer 68-pin external connectors you can
> borrow.  Oh, btw, you'll need a box with PCI.  Almost no old-style SCSI
> cards exist for PCIe, certainly none that people have just kicking
> around.
> With external 68-pin:
> IBM RS/6000 PCI 11H8085 AN011H8083 NCR 53C825 chipset sym53c8xx
> Tekram DC-390F Symbios Logic 53C875
> Those 2 will get you only get you 20MB/s, but that should be fine
> With only internal 68-pin:
> Adaptec ASC-29160N PCI (suports 160MB/s)
> But the internal-only one can be turned into external with:
> SCSI CABLE internal to external 68 pin; 3 drop internal, 1 drop
> external on metal slot bracket; int68-int68-int68-ext68
> Loving SCSI yet?
> If the Ultrium drive doesn't need to be kept in mint condition, I often
> find it's best to crack open the external SCSI case those things are in,
> take out the bare drive, and plug it into your SCSI setup internally,
> using your normal PS power for it.  Much easier to do internal
> termination.  I have many internal 68 pin cables with terminators
> built-in or tacked on.
> If you can't find an external terminator or a device that can self
> terminate to put on the chain, then your only choice is converting to
> internal.
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