[RndTbl] weird samba ACLs from MS Office

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Sat Jan 7 18:55:45 CST 2023

On 2023-01-07 Adam Thompson wrote:
> I don't remember the exact method, but you want to remove ACL support
> completely - whether from the FS, Samba, or the share.  Office will
> always do this - but it should be a "so what" moment.

Well, if the ACL isn't doing anything, it's just wasting a block on my
disk, and slowing down access to the file as yet another block has to
be looked at.  Ya, not a big deal, but you know me, I'm persnickety.

> IMHO you're focused on a band-aid for the symptom, not the problem.
> The problem is why does this seemingly-innocuous ACL cause problems?
> Possibly also why does Samba not translate that back into ordinary
> UNIX permissions, which in this case looks like fully reversible
> transform.

Yes, it does, doesn't it.  I have a feeling it might have something to
do with the strange "full-control" mapping samba does, and there are
tuneables for that.

Open to more ideas!  I'll toy with the samba options to see if I can
get it to return to sanity.

I guess I can poke around more to see why group samba can't read with
that ACL... thought it's so bonkers that I didn't even want to go down
that rabbit hole.

Trying really hard to not do one suggestion: cron.daily find -exec
setfacl -b {} \;

Lastly, wonder why no other app besides Office does this...

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