[RndTbl] New Old Dell Server

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Wed Apr 19 20:15:15 CDT 2023

Client access is via iSCSI (over IP over gigabit Ethernet) exclusively.  This isn't a big deal, everything speaks iSCSI... but you need an actual "server" (ahem) interposed if you want SMB or NFS.

The SAS port is for connecting expansion shelves.

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On 2023-04-19 Adam Thompson wrote:
> FYI, that's not a server - it's an iSCSI SAN.  Which, yes, I suppose
> has an embedded server of sorts, but all it can run is the embedded
> Dell PowerVault OS. These were pretty decent iSCSI SANs when they
> were new, but that was, as stated, quite a long time ago!

That's a neat box.  Funny how ~4 TB sounds like chump change nowadays

What are the odds you could put in plain SATA SSDs (same connector, no?)
and the thing will just work?  In theory?...

I don't see how the thing can draw the power you say it does, but I
will believe you!  I guess if the drives are going full bore all the
time.  I had many 15k's over the years and they didn't seem too crazy
with the draw.  But most had these big heatsinks built into the
housing, so there must have been a reason.

It's a bit depressing how the cheapest SSDs quickly became many times
faster than the super expensive fancy 15k SCSIs.  But good for the
pocketbook, and your average plebeian box!

So this thing only can connect to servers via ethernet?  And the SAS
expansion port is for attaching another one of these boxes, or some
external SCSI stuff?

65 lbs?!  Crazy!!
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