[RndTbl] Sendmail question

Gilbert Detillieux Gilbert.Detillieux at umanitoba.ca
Tue Apr 11 09:48:37 CDT 2023

You could probably use sendmail's "-t" option, to resend to all 
recipients shown in the mail headers.  Or, if there's just the one 
recipient, you can always just explicitly supply them as a command line 

If the saved mail message has the mbox-style one-line mail header, you'd 
want to strip that off first...

	tail -n +2 mbox | sendmail -t

Check your man page, though, in case Solaris has some alternative form 
of sendmail command installed.

Also, sendmail may give some kind of warning if you use the "-t" option 
and you're not invoking this as a user it considers trusted (and that is 
configuration dependent).


On 2023-04-11 9:35 a.m., Kevin McGregor wrote:
> I have a user ("username") which has some mail in 
> /var/share/mail/username (this is Solaris). The mail should have been 
> forwarded, but for some reason has not been. Can the mail in the file 
> above be somehow resent (re-received?) by sendmail or some process now 
> that the user has configured /export/home/username/.forward?

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