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Yes!  It’s an artifact of how sub-pixel aliasing works – recall that Red is one of the primary pixels available, and usually the left-most or top-most one, so that imposes some limitation on what can be done to anti-alias red-on-black text.  To the best of my knowledge, the only way to “improve” this is to turn off ClearType.   Start->”Cleartype”->run the Cleartype Text Tuner, and turn it on/off.  I find ClearType worthwhile despite the red/purple-on-dark problem, but I know others here vehemently dislike sub-pixel aliasing!  It’s very much a personal-choice thing, it depends on your eyes and your brain.  If you deal with a lot of red-on-black text, I think your only options are to ditch sub-pixel rendering, increase the font size, or change the color.  (All the examples you showed can, I think, have their color changed.)

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This is off-topic, but has anyone seen this sort of thing in Windows 10? Red and purple text on a dark or black background renders poorly, but other colours look clearly defined. The MS Code sample has a lighter gray background, so isn't affected...?

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