[RndTbl] Remi repo bug?

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Tue Nov 29 21:10:36 CST 2022

Oh no, do not just touch(1) an RPM metadata file, that way lies the lair of dark Chtulu, the very sight of whom induces madness... (Source: tried that once, oh dear god what a mess it made until I nuked my entire rpm db from orbit.)

But I think you can clean one repo at a time.  And/or *deleting* the repo metadata file should work, too.


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On 2022-11-29 Gilbert Detillieux wrote:
> I’m surprised that you haven’t seen that before, since it’s a fairly
> common occurrence on RHEL7 systems. I’m also surprised a net search
> also came up empty...  Maybe EL7 is just getting too old to be
> relevant.
> Anyway this is the command you need:
> yum clean all
> Might be good to do before the update runs in cron, if this comes up
> again.

Ya, but if you run that every hour then yum will need to d/l the full
100MB+ of metadata files every hour?  I guess it's RS's problem, not
mine, but still...

On 2022-11-29 Adam Thompson wrote:
> That's a problem with a Remi mirror site.  What hostname are you
> pointed at? -Adam


Looks like it'll do the auto-mirror-selection thing.

I was thinking maybe instead of a yum clean I could do a touch on the
file it's complaining about to make it "older", then yum will just
redownload *just* Remi.

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