[RndTbl] On forcing people to get Google accounts

Brian Lowe brian2 at groupbcl.ca
Fri Nov 4 08:11:19 CDT 2022

On Thursday, November 3, 2022 10:08:15 P.M. CDT J. King wrote:
> If you're not worried about violating Google's terms of service you can use
> Aurora Store (available from F-Droid) to download and install software from
> Google Play without a Google account associated to you.

Unfortunately the last time I tried the Aurora Store and it didn't work on my phone. Maybe it''s 
time for another go.

> Obviously there's no excusing their user-hostile behaviour, but there is in
> fact that other option. Whether your banking software would actually work
> is a separate question, though, as they are, as a class, notorious for
> requiring SafetyNet and other proprietary Google dross.

Interesting information.

One thing I have is a copy of Android x86 installed on a computer. It's Android compiled for 
Intel hardware, with the additional improvement that it's not locked down.

Looking at it now, that's another potential way to get stuff from Play: download it using that 
system and transfer the APK to the phone. Yes, I still need a Google account, but it's tied only 
to that system and not to my phone, and spends most of its life powered off.

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