[RndTbl] On forcing people to get Google accounts

John Lange john at johnlange.ca
Fri Nov 4 00:16:49 CDT 2022

> 3. Use Linux, not Windbloze.

Despite the fact that your post and the entire thread is railing against
Android (which runs on Linux) you manage to blame Windows for violating
your privacy?


On Thu, Nov 3, 2022 at 11:23 PM Trevor Cordes <trevor at tecnopolis.ca> wrote:

> On 2022-11-04 Adam Thompson wrote:
> >
> > My personal opinion is that privacy is an illusion and the faster you
> > get over that, the easier your life will be.  *Should* that be the
> > case?  Hell, no!  But what options do I have other than how I vote,
> > and how I communicate with my various elected representatives?
> I don't like to be completely defeatist in a "throw up your hands and
> give up" sense when it comes to your statement: "privacy is an
> illusion".  When we do that we are, in effect, saying to everyone "don't
> even try".
> Privacy isn't a binary thing.  It's a matter of degrees.  Yes, you are
> 100% correct that we can't be completely "private".  But there a ton of
> little things we can do to regain control of various aspects of our
> privacy and/or make "the borg's" life more difficult.
> For people who care about privacy (say Brian and myself) we should
> learn about and do things that help us improve along the privacy scale.
> And we should encourage that.  There are some people (hehe you know who
> you are) who have completely given up or even welcomed every tracking /
> privacy-invading thing known to man.  I don't think that's the correct
> thing to encourage in those who are showing concern.
> We're a bit of a special case here in MUUG because we're basically the
> at the pinnacle of all this technology stuff and if anyone should "know
> better", it should be us.  (Some of us even program stuff that uses all
> this anti-privacy ecosystem stuff and are well aware of how egregious
> the info leaks are.)  If we can't offer hints and solutions, who can? I
> agree, it's all rather depressing.
> If I had to make a top-3 list of privacy things you should do today, it
> would be:
> 1. Your browsers should have a NoScript (or similar) plugin and at
> the very least perma-block google-analytics and doubleclick (et al),
> and FB if you don't use it.  That garbage is embedded in like 80% of
> pages out there.
> 2. Disable location services on your phone, basically always (ya they
> can triangulate, blah blah, but this makes it harder).
> 3. Use Linux, not Windbloze.
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