[RndTbl] Old MUUG server up for grabs! ($$$)

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Wed Mar 2 21:39:27 CST 2022

The high bid on the server was $719.

If you believe you submitted a higher bid than that, that I’m ignoring or didn’t receive, let board@ know ASAP.


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Subject: Old MUUG server up for grabs! ($$$)

We’re getting rid of the old server!  It’s up for auction, to MUUG members in good standing only.

We’re taking bids for the rest of the month by email.  Emailed bids must be received by me no later than Monday 2022-Feb-28 23:59:59 to be considered eligible.

We’re doing this as a “blind auction<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First-price_sealed-bid_auction>”, where everyone submits their bid to me (Adam Thompson), and at the end of the bidding period, I’ll contact the highest bidder.  If they’re unable to follow through for any reason, it goes to the second-highest bidder, and so on.  We cannot issue a receipt for tax purposes.  The MUUG board (excluding board members who entered bids themselves) shall be the only, and final, avenue of appeal for anything related to this auction.

Since we already know some of the board is planning to bid, and I am not, send your bids to me directly: athompso at muug.ca<mailto:athompso at muug.ca> (or my usual address, they both wind up in the same place), and not to board at .  Please provide name, email, phone#, and dollar amount.  If you don’t receive a confirmation from me within a few days, post to roundtable letting me know something’s wrong.  And/or try a different email provider.

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