[RndTbl] Fwd: Can a pdf file itself be maleware Fwd: FW: remittance Message Payment Status Notification

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Tue Jan 18 21:15:20 CST 2022

PDF files can be malicious.
While this generally only happens with unpatched software, there's a LOT of PDF-rendering software out there now, including, it seems, almost every damn app on my computer or my phone.  Guaranteed at least one of them is vulnerable to at least one exploit.
Also, there have been several PDF zero-day flaws in the past: there could be more to come.

No attachment is safe like opening an email... and if you talk to security experts, they can come up with examples of how just opening an email can be a problem, too.

General rule of thumb: do not open any attachments, ever.  The exception is if you know the sender and are expecting an attachment from them.
If you must open an unknown attachment (and do not have a sandboxed system where you can do so safely), save it first, make sure it gets or automatically got scanned, then open it.

I don't want to provide any specific advice about the email in question; assessing whether or not it's a threat is complicated, can involve specialized expertise, and noticeable amounts of time.

There's risk in just being connected to the Internet - you want to minimize the risk as much as feasible, not as much as possible.  (Turning off the computer more or less eliminates any risk, after all...)


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This is likely phishing spam and passing around for further information.

Just opening an email without clicking on anything I understand can be

I would rather ask than be sorry.    Is this also true of pdf files?

If someone can open safely I would like to have a sense who is behind
this one.



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Open Attached PDF to confirm remittance info.


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