[RndTbl] How do I bid for the server

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Sat Feb 26 08:10:39 CST 2022

Hi, Ihor.  I already covered some of that, but you did bring up a good point, and you reminded me about something else, too.

Let's go point by point:

1.	How to bid
(SEE #4, BELOW.)  From the original email:  (a) "where everyone submits their bid to me", and (b) "send your bids to me directly: athompso at muug.ca [...] Please provide name, email, phone#, and dollar amount."

2.	How to pay
You're right, I didn't address how to pay!  Cheque or PayPal would be easiest for MUUG, but we should be able to arrange most other options (Interac e-transfer, cash, livestock) if required. 

3.	Noise level
>From the original email: "1U rack-mount servers have fans running between 10krpm and 24krpm.  It will be very loud."  
Once it's up and running it's not too bad, but if you're right next to it, it's physically painful to your ears during the initial power-on sequence (up to ~5min).  You probably wouldn't enjoy having this in your office or any other living space.  Server closets, basements, workshops, etc. are all more appropriate.

4.	Accept bids here?
Yes, I'll accept this as a bid made in good faith, you do NOT need to re-submit it.
For everyone else: the point of a blind auction is that you *don’t see each others' bids*.  Please email your bids directly to me (SEE #1), not to the Round Table list.

5.	Changing bids
One other thing I failed to mention in my original email: as with most blind auctions you can INCREASE your bid, if you want, by submitting a separate, higher, bid, that supersedes the previous bid.
Just remember it's a human keeping track of this manually (me!), and don't be a jerk.  This is why it's a blind auction - I'm not interested in managing OR mediating a bidding war.


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How do I bid.   And more importantly for you, how do I pay.
Is it noisy?   Would you accept bids here.   How about  $100.05.

my regards,
Ihor Jakowec

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