[RndTbl] Holy fanless computing, batman...

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Fri Feb 4 19:33:57 CST 2022

Yeah.  It’s just incredible.  Not that many years ago, getting decent compute out of anything fanless was a MAJOR undertaking, and now it’s just another SKU.  Sure, with some limitations, but it’s no longer an odyssey like it used to be.

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Check out the SuperMicro M11SDV-8CT-LN4F

8 Core Epyc 3251 that is fanless.

Have them in my NAS and firewall at home :)


On Fri, Feb 4, 2022 at 5:06 PM Adam Thompson <athompso at athompso.net<mailto:athompso at athompso.net>> wrote:
SuperMicro’s A2SDi-H-TF :

  *   2.2GHz Denverton (Atom C3758) CPU architecture, 8 cores w/16MB each but not superscalar, no Turbo, and no HT.  Still plenty fast enough for most applications.
  *   Up to 256GB of ECC RAM.
  *   Dual 10G onboard.
  *   13 x SATA ports (including 1xSuperDOM), 8 of them delivered via 2x Mini-SAS HD ports
  *   1 x PCI-E x4
  *   1 x M.2
  *   1 x internal USB 3.1 (type A) port
  *   IPMI and remote mgmt. subsystem onboard

And although there are 4 fan headers, this is a Mini-ITX (!) board that runs a cool 25W (i.e. fanless!!!).

There’s an entire series of them this year from SuperMicro, all having slightly different configurations.

I know I’m getting old, but this is as incredible to me as my current equipment would have been to 10- or 20-years-ago me.

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