[RndTbl] Apache reverse-proxy woes, solved

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Wed Sep 15 11:44:31 CDT 2021

I finally figured out what I had to do to make Apache 2.4 happy...

1) Unlike everything else in Apache, <Location> blocks are 
LAST-match-wins, not first.
2) If you have ProxyPass xxx configured in, say, <Location /> and then 
have <Location /server-status>, you must add a "ProxyPass !" directive 
in every more-specific location.

This is because all Location blocks get *merged* at parse-time into a 
single config data structure, apparently.

So by re-ordering <location> blocks and adding "ProxyPass !" to the 
namespace bits I didn't want to proxy, it works.


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