[RndTbl] Godot open source game engine

Troy Denton trdenton at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 09:10:04 CDT 2021

Any game developers on this list?

Godot (https://godotengine.org/) is an open-source game engine - I'd call
it a viable alternative to the Unity game engine.  I recently participated
in a "stop waiting for godot" game jam.  The idea being, learning this new
game engine and making a simple game over a weekend.  You can see my little
attempt here https://hamnstar.itch.io/log-game, and the rest of the entries
at https://itch.io/jam/stop-waiting-for-godot/entries

I'm very impressed by this open source project and the quality you can
produce with it (note: my little game is intentionally retro-looking :) )

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