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Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Wed Oct 27 21:56:42 CDT 2021

I have resistors... somewhere.  The soldering bit is really trivial, in
fact soldering isn't needed at all if you have any old speaker or cd-rom
audio jumper cables (or similar). 

First, here's a high-res photo of your board: 

Then, the pinout of JTPM1 (next to the leftmost PCIe slot, if the back
panel is away from you) can be found on page 2-23 (aka PDF page 43) of

Now find one old jumper cables of almost any size AS LONG AS either
there is no "key" on the cable header OR it just happens to work
pinout-wise, OR two old cables you're willing to mangle. 

If you're mangling the cables (well, the headers), use wire cutters or
even a knife to chop off almost as much as you need off, then use a file
or razor knife to get rid of the excess plastic.  Don't try to make the
cut too exact, you will split the plastic that you need to hold the pin
in place.  (Ask me how I know...) 

You now have two female-to-female extension cords.  Plug the resistor
(wherever you get it) into the extension cords.  Plug the other end of
the cords into the appropriate pins on the m/b header - probably
following the instructions in the video, which I did not re-watch, but
the pinout appears to be standard in which case you want pins #1
(bottom-right, following the same orientation as above, there's a slight
thickening of the white line on the m/b silkscreening as a guide) and #9
(4 pins up from pin 1 on the same side). 

No soldering required, just careful knife work. 

If you don't have any old jumper cables, I have a large quantity you can
massacre :-).  They're all at my parents', but I need to drop off dad's
weed whacker someday soon anyway... and you and they are both on the
south side of the city, not that hard to drop off some cables.  Or you
could come help rack the new server sometime next week :-D ...actually,
do you have any experience mounting rack servers?  I know you work with
them, but that's not necessarily the same thing.  And I'm pretty sure
you're vaccinated, which is also a factor with _some_ of our other board
members :-( .  [If you're not available / able / willing, Brad's already
my backup choice.  But I'd prefer help who know their way around a

CAVEAT: the pin dimensions on JTPM1 *might* be too big to fit into any
particular old random jumper cable; audio cables and (e.g.) PC power
button cables were not always the same size/spacing. 


(or only one, if the pin spacing happens to work) 

On 2021-10-27 18:15, Kevin McGregor wrote:

> Hi all, 
> I have a SuperMicro A1SRI-2758F motherboard which appears to have now died. I've read that it's because of a bug in the Intel Atom C2000-series chips of a certain vintage. 
> I've also read that there is a DIY fix involving a bit of soldering and a 220 ohm resistor. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPKFC2HBtvA. Can anyone provide the resistor? And maybe some soldering help? :-) I do have a soldering iron, but I haven't used it for ages. 
> Kevin 
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