[RndTbl] Best free/cheap web hosting sites?

Gilbert E. Detillieux gedetil at cs.umanitoba.ca
Tue Feb 2 16:17:02 CST 2021

On 2021-02-02 3:17 p.m., Alberto Abrao wrote:
> I have been postponing my website creation for around 20 years. Last one 
> I did was in Geocities, and I am not even kidding. So I am absolutely 
> clueless on what would be a good easy solution. The only reason why I 
> bothered to reply is that you asked for cheap hosting, so...
> For the longest time, I used http://www.nosupportlinuxhosting.com/
> Priced like Doug Ford's beer, it works well for low traffic 
> applications. For my use (email), well, everyone thought I was sending 
> spam. Obviously. Being cPanel-based, it's not really hard to have a 
> website there without much hassle, and there are quite a few platforms 
> available.

This is one I'll keep in mind for my own future use, but this is more 
low-level than what I had in mind in this case...

> I did spin something at one point, and it sat there with the 
> default page until I moved it all out.
> I assume this platform is like Wix, instead of something like WordPress, 
> correct?

Yeah, more Wix-like.  And maybe Wix is the best solution in this case... 
  I just wanted to know if folks had experience with any of these, and 
any recommendations for/against.


> On February 2, 2021 2:17:37 p.m. CST, "Gilbert E. Detillieux" 
> <gedetil at cs.umanitoba.ca> wrote:
>     My wife has a small web site that has been hosted on a free hosting
>     service called webs.com, which is going to discontinue their free
>     hosting option at the end of March.  She's looking for an alternative,
>     preferably free, hosting service, but would also consider cheap options.
>     This should be something user-friendly for a non-technical person to set
>     up and maintain.
>     Any recommendations?
>     Thanks,
>     Gilbert

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