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Gilbert E. Detillieux gedetil at cs.umanitoba.ca
Wed Dec 1 16:05:59 CST 2021


I think you might be conflating two different types of virtual 
interfaces.  The eth0:n notation is for a virtual interface that works 
at the IP layer, and shares the link layer, including MAC address, of 
the parent interface.  Like this...


Then there's the eth0.n notation (note the "." rather than the ":") for 
a macvlan interface that works at the link layer, and can have a 
separate MAC address (and VLAN) from the parent interface.  This shows 
an example of each...


And this gives all the gory details of various types of virtual 
interfaces for various VM hosting scenarios...


(I learned some new concepts and lots of new terminology from this last 

In any case, Linux does indeed provide a way (or more) to support 
multiple MAC addresses on one physical Ethernet interface, so setting 
this up for multiple dynamic IP addresses from Shaw should be doable.


On 2021-12-01 9:22 a.m., John Lange wrote:
> Not sure I understood the question but yes you can have as many IPs as 
> you want on the same nic.
> It's been a while since I have done it but you just add virtual nics and 
> they look like this:
> Eth0:0
> Eth0:1
> Eth0:2
> Etc.
> Each one has its own Mac and can operate independently on the network. 
> They can all be static IPs or dhcp.
> They can even be on different vlans.
> John

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