[RndTbl] BBS list - neat!

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Fri Apr 30 07:20:50 CDT 2021

On 2021-04-30 Alberto Abrao wrote:
> I guess these would be more up your alley?
> http://bbslist.textfiles.com/204/oldschool.html

Looking at that, it appears to be a subset that's available in the
/204/ url: not additional entries.  Obviously, it'll be hard for anyone
to recall or find data for BBS's the farther back in time you go.

That's why it'd be fun to find my old Atari files which I know I have
somewhere.  However, I may not have stale files all the way back to the
mid-80s, simply because I didn't really have a backup setup with
perpetual retention... mostly due to the limited number of 720k
floppies I could afford :-)  So I probably only have a snapshot of the
BBSs I used near the very end of my Atari days, which probably had
already weeded out the long-gone 80's ones.

As a former STUG exec, I also feel obligated to (one day) go through
the old STUG newsletters to find the historical record of all the phone
#'s and BBS software STUG used to run (which changed 3-4 times over the

Old BBS's not on the list I can recall liking a lot:

... and 3-5 more I really can't recall with my aging brain at the moment

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