[RndTbl] email-receive blacklist?

Bill Reid billreid at shaw.ca
Wed Apr 28 10:50:27 CDT 2021

Thanks Colin for that link. Quite useful.

On 2021-04-28 8:46 a.m., Colin Stanners wrote:
> It's putting the horse before the cart to look into blocklists etc before the 
> e-mail domain is correctly configured...
> http://vger.kernel.org/cgi-bin/mxverify-cgi?DOMAIN=trevor%40tecnopolis.ca&SUBMIT=Submit+to+VGER.KERNEL.ORG 
> <http://vger.kernel.org/cgi-bin/mxverify-cgi?DOMAIN=trevor%40tecnopolis.ca&SUBMIT=Submit+to+VGER.KERNEL.ORG>

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