[RndTbl] Advice on finally buying my first laptop

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Tue Sep 29 05:53:43 CDT 2020

On 2020-09-29 Bradford Vokey wrote:
> Wow. I remember you telling me about this before, so I researched, 
> researched, and researched and found the G17 has *almost* a full
> normal keyboard with a fairly good numeric keypad. And you are right.
> I use the numeric keypad ALL THE TIME. Only the pageup/down,
> home/end, and delete/insert keys were rearranged and combined on the
> G17, so I thought I could live with that. But once I got it, whoa -
> tons of the "keycaps" have been replaced with bilingual character
> ones - which are not at all in the product photos on the Best Buy
> website. Bah! What a stupid way to clutter up the look of a perfectly
> good keyboard.

You didn't walk into the store to peek at the display unit to see the
kb?  Isn't that the point of brick & mortar?

Well, as long as there isn't a key between the quote and enter key, you
should be fine -- that's the big killer.  You can always take a black
marker to all the weird symbols on the keycaps :-)

P.S. I look forward to the Brad v Gilbert Bartertown cage match at the
next physical meeting!  Don't let him get the chainsaw!


P.P.S. who wants to take odds on the over/under on when this thing gets
dropped in the pool or river or rained on?

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