[RndTbl] Advice on finally buying my first laptop

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Sun Sep 27 06:52:52 CDT 2020

On 2020-09-26 Adam Thompson wrote:
> I think you should pick your laptop based on the case/product series
> (e.g. do you need a titanium-reinforced unit?), then screen, then
> keyboard, then GPU (if it matters to you).  CPU differences are
> minimal unless you're doing something unusual... and you're not
> getting a mobile GPU to run 4k games at 120Hz anyway.

Adam's right, sort of, you need to decide your must-have features in
order of priority, and list them out.  Brad's email started out making
it sound like screen was top, but then meandered.  If it's truly
real-estate and pixels and size you need put that at the top of your
list as that will narrow the field considerably.  It also might be very
hard to determine "matte" in many units without seeing them physically

I would suggest, for a typer/programmer like you, that you *need* a
normal US keyboard and must eliminate all the bilingual keyboards many
brands force on you.  If you've never typed with the enter key 1.5cm
further to the right, try it before you dare buy a bilingual.  For me
keyboard is top priority.  Also, for accounting you might prefer a big
laptop with a numeric keypad.

Adam's right: cpu is really not important these days if you get one
that is at least the i5/ryzen x5xx or better.  The discrete graphics,
if you really want it, will narrow your field a lot better than cpu.

P.S. Acer is only fine if you don't want to run native linux.  And Asus
ones don't tend to last long.

P.P.S. What's an AAA game?  Where you go around towing cars?

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