[RndTbl] *** WARNING *** Automatic Thunderbird upgrade to version 78.x has started

Gilbert E. Detillieux gedetil at cs.umanitoba.ca
Wed Sep 16 12:22:18 CDT 2020

I ended up getting so frustrated with the new version 78 (not just 
because of the missing add-ons, but also reliability issues with my IMAP 
connections to the server at work) that I reinstalled the previous 


That led to this issue with the profile...


... which I was able to work around with the "--allow-downgrade" option...


After that, it was just a matter of reinstalling my old (pre-upgrade) 
add-ons that had gotten updated or simply deleted (e.g. Lightning).

I've disabled automatic-updates now, of course!


On 2020-09-15 9:18 p.m., Bradford C. Vokey wrote:
> *** WARNING ***
> Anyone running Thunderbird 68.x.x , please be aware, automatics upgrades 
> to 78.2.2 have now started.
> This is highly likely a mistake by the development team, as the release 
> notes for the latest version 78.2.2 state:
>> *Thunderbird version 78.2.2 is only offered as direct download 
>> fromthunderbird.net <https://www.thunderbird.net/>and not as an 
>> upgrade from Thunderbird version 68 or earlier.*A future release will 
>> provide updates from earlier versions. Automatic updates are available 
>> for users already running version 78.0 or higher.
>> Add-on support: As of version 78.0, Thunderbird only supports 
>> MailExtensions. Your favorite add-ons may not have been updated for 
>> compatibility.
> *** TURN OFF AUTOMATIC UPDATES TO THUNDERBIRD 68.x.x if you still want 
> to keep your existing extensions working. ***
> Further reading:
> https://www.ghacks.net/2020/09/15/automatic-thunderbird-upgrade-to-version-78-x-has-started/
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