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Hartmut W Sager hwsager at marityme.net
Sat Oct 31 18:22:47 CDT 2020

Unrelated to the "Linux-friendly, non-abusive" matter (which other members
here will no doubt deal with), my immediate thought is, it CANNOT be an
inkjet device.  With your infrequent printing schedule, such a device would
give you endless troubles and expenses with dried-out, often
unresurrectable, inkjet cartridges or nozzles.  If colour is not needed,
then it should be a laser device.  Those are fine with infrequent printing,
though with such low print volumes, you'd still have the issue that even
toner does deteriorate after a few years of sitting in a cartridge.

Back to inkjet devices:  You could print a handful of useless "maintenance"
pages every 5 days or so to keep the cartridges and nozzles in good
condition, which would result in way more "maintenance" pages than real
pages being printed over time, with a much higher cost per real page than

The dot-matrix printers of the distant past didn't have the above issues.
:)  :)

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On Sat, 31 Oct 2020 at 18:00, Glen Ditchfield <GJDitchfield at acm.org> wrote:

> I'm looking for a color printer/scanner/copier, suitable for printing a
> few
> pages every few weeks.  My current device is connected by USB to a Mac
> that
> serves as a CUPS host and runs the scanner software, and that's just
> fine.  I
> look at most of the modern features being offered and rate them somewhere
> between "meh" and "get off my lawn" (Alexa voice-enabled printing?
> Seriously?)
> but might be willing to grant access to the local Wi-Fi.
> Do you have any opinions on Linux-friendly, non-abusive devices?
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