[RndTbl] Fix resolv.conf on WSL instantiation...

Sean Cody sean at tinfoilhat.ca
Tue Jun 2 16:19:37 CDT 2020

I must be having a rough week or just getting older but I can’t seem to come up with an elegant solution to this problem…
Ok… I have WSL on my workstation, when I establish VPN to $work, WSL buggers resolv.conf.

nameserver <mine>
search <$homedomain>

nameserver <mine>
nameserver <$work1>
nameserver <$work2>
search <$workdomain>

I have to manually take line 1 and move it to line 3 for internal resolution to work…  EVERY DAMNED TIME WSL instantiates (while VPN is established).
This is because $workdomain is blackholed publicly.

My first thought was a stupid ed script to move line 1 to 3… that didn’t work so well (my ed skills are apparently lacking).

Ideally the solution would note if there 3 or more nameserver lines, move the lines before ‘nameserver <$work1>’ to one line before the last file.
I’d pop that into my .bashrc/.profile or similar.

I couldn’t find how WSL manipulates the file itself otherwise I would have tried to change it…

Anyone have any ideas there?


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