[RndTbl] PostgreSQL vs MariaDB

Sean Cody sean at tinfoilhat.ca
Wed Jan 29 14:56:35 CST 2020

I second Adam's sentiments.
Also if you don't have multiple concurrency use case... which unfortunately NextCloud seems to desire.  SQLite is pretty fantastic and requires no infrastructure.

These days there are so many options.

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On 2020-01-29 11:44, Alberto Abrao wrote:
> I am in the process of rebuilding my Nextcloud setup.
> My current one uses MariaDB, which is the recommended one by 
> NextCloud. I had a few issues that needed database repair since then, 
> but other than that it works fine.
> That said, as I am going to do it all from scratch - my aim is to set 
> it up integrated with e-mail - I was wondering if I should use 
> PostgreSQL instead.
> I know nothing at all about databases, so I was wondering if one - or 
> many - of our wise fellows here could chime in and give an informed 
> opinion on the matter.
> Thanks!

The $0.10 overview is:

* PostgreSQL is a much more capable database, adheres more closely to standards, and has features MySQL/MariaDB/etc can only dream of.  But it's a bit of a pain to run in production.

* MySQL/MariaDB comes from a really crappy starting place, so all the nice features are bolt-ons, and there's lots of legacy technical debt.  
On the other hand, it's mostly fire-and-forget, and Every. Single. 
Application. out there supports MySQL and has instructions or a HOWTO for it.

YMMV.  Use whichever database your app supports best, unless you have a compelling need to change.

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