[RndTbl] Shaw blocking port 25 on business line

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Tue Jan 28 22:35:44 CST 2020

On 2020-01-28 Gerald Brandt wrote:
> Now, since it seems Shaw gave me some of their dynamic range, my
> email server is blacklisted in a few places.
> To say I'm not happy with Shaw would be a gross understatement.

Yes, many RBLs will have Shaw's many of Shaw's entire 24.x.*
blacklisted as "residential".  Getting off a blanket RBL is near

I would still try to see if you could obtain IPs in their normal
"business" range.  If they won't give you that, then you should tell
them it's *their* job to get their was-rez-is-now-business 24's off of
the RBLs!

Note: there are many online multi-RBL checker web sites you should
utilize to see what's blocking you.  And you could always try following
each RBL's "remove" guidelines.  But that quickly becomes almost a full
time job.

I share your pain... I administer an email-heavy system and the world
is much too aggressive with their BL's.  The more concentrated email
gets (think gmail) the worse it gets.  (My 2c.)

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