[RndTbl] Fedora 32 and Matrox G200e

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Fri Dec 18 19:19:16 CST 2020

On 2020-12-14 Alberto Abrao wrote:
> I will kindly ask you to let me know if it does not work. The machine
> is still here and I am willing to poke around to reproduce any other
> issues you may find.

Turns out it did work!  Thanks!  I found a table of all the vga= values
on the net.

The video works on boot now, but it takes 120s to boot until it reaches
a point where it switches to a vga mode that isn't slow as molasses.  I
think we've all seen over the years at least one time where a boot
console scrolls like a 1200 baud modem.  That's what we're seeing here
with the new vga mode, obviously it's a barebones non-accelerated mode.

I have no idea why it eventually switches to a faster mode and still
works!  But I'm not complaining.

Since we never reboot that box, an extra 2 mins during reboot is not
important.  So problem solved (in terms of good workaround found)!

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