[RndTbl] Fedora 32 and Matrox G200e

Alberto Abrao alberto at abrao.net
Wed Dec 9 21:10:40 CST 2020

Hello everyone,

Yesterday Trevor mentioned that Brad (was it him?) is having issues 
getting video output on Fedora 32 using a Matrox G200e.

Coincidentally, I have a server with the exact same video card that I 
can use for testing.

After updates, same issue happened here. No video.

The fix:

1) Obviously, we need to boot first. So edit the GRUB boot entry and 
pass the parameter "vga=793" right after "quiet".

2) Then, edit /etc/default/grub and, on GRUB_CMDLINE after quiet, add

(...) quiet -- vga=793"

Last time I looked, the "--" after the last parameter will ensure that 
any Kernel updates and whatnot will not remove this parameter. That may 
have changed, it's been a while, but it does work anyway.

Then, reinstall GRUB.

The issue:

card sees a monitor that supports a higher resolution than it can 
display, tries to use it, fails miserably. That parameter will force the 
1280x1024 resolution, which is working fine on my 1080p display.

* To see all modes, pass "vga=ask" after quiet. Press ENTER to see 
available modes.

* To use another one, convert the Mode for the desired Resolution to 
decimal. To do so, I used:

printf "%d\n" 0x319  (for 1280x1024)

Equals 793. vga=793. :D

(obviously, most of that is most likely redundant to some - or even most 
- here. Still, in case it is useful to someone, there it is!)

Kind regards,
Alberto Abrao

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