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Hartmut W Sager hwsager at marityme.net
Wed Dec 9 10:39:22 CST 2020

Hi all, especially Michael, you are not the only one.  I was largely
unsuccessful too.  First, the login seemed to want to fail, but succeeded
after some time, and then, the whole first part of the meeting ("show your
gadgets") was a disaster, with only about 10-20% of the (broken) audio and
video getting through.  The second part (calendar topic) was somewhat
better, with about 30-40% of the (broken) audio and video getting through.
The third part (final informal round table) was similar, but my numerous
attempts to join that discussion all failed.  Nobody even heard me trying
to speak.  (Yes, I did at that time have my mic turned on for whole minutes
at a time.)  It just wasn't a "real time" experience at all.

I couldn't totally rule out my 11-year-old laptop being insufficient for
this, but now I see I'm not the only one.  I was using MS Edge (newest
Chromium-based one) for this, for two reasons.  First, I was too afraid to
upset my normal (totally up-to-date) Firefox, where I always have lots of
important things open.  Secondly, though Firefox is my main browser, I have
learned that certain things tend to freeze or crash my Firefox, and a
Chromium-based browser does much better on those things.  Also, Firefox is
terrible at freeing up memory and whatever else when I've used (and later
closed) a lot of tabs.

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On Wed, 9 Dec 2020 at 10:09, Kevin McGregor <kevin.a.mcgregor at gmail.com>

> Which browser are you using? I have had trouble in the past with Chrome.
> On a whim I fired up Opera and it worked fine.
> I haven’t tried other browsers with Jitsi yet.
> On Wed, Dec 9, 2020 at 10:06 Michael Doob <Michael.Doob at umanitoba.ca>
> wrote:
>> Hi Everyone --
>> Am I the only one who had a jitsi failure last night? After a bit of
>> a struggle just to log in, there was no way I could get the audio
>> to work. I've never had a problem for previous meetings. Too bad
>> I'm not a lip reader. I could see them moving. Was our attendance
>> lower that what might be expected?
>> While I'm here: it's dues-paying time for me. Do we have inteac
>> e-transfers
>> set up for our banking. I could make the direct deposit and avoid any
>> fees being charged to MUUG.
>> Cheers,
>> Michael
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