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Daulton daulton at tetmail.ca
Sat Feb 16 21:54:07 CST 2019

I need a blend of CPU, memory, and a nice amount of disk space for what 
I am up too. With vultr, digital ocean, etc, you can get storage but it 
comes in at $10 per 100 gb. Bump up the memory and amount of vcpu and 
plus the storage and it gets expensive fast. Same thing applies to the 
dedicated servers I mention in a minute also.

Secondly while I am sure I can find cloud providers with clean IPs for 
mail server usage there is a little problem. It seems from my research 
and tests common cloud providers such as Vultr the IP you can get is 
clean but there appears to be a silent increase in SCL score for emails 
sent to Microsoft email (Outlook, 365, hotmail). This is only a 
hypothesis so far as I have only used Vultr in my tests, I am still 
looking at this so I can report on that separately later.

Then with dedicated servers the concern is the following:

1) Speed and quality of support.
2) Privacy for what happens to dead drives AND after you are done with 
the server, the concern being data recoverability. What then if they do 
not do an actual wipe of the drives before a new customer gets the 
dedicated server? If you have out of band management of course there are 
ways around one of the two, but control over the hardware resolves both.

For what I have seen regarding dedicated servers from better providers 
these concerns go away but with the pricing it appears higher long term 
versus some of the colos I have been looking at plus my own hardware. 
All options considered it is looking best to have colocated servers, so 
that is why I am looking for a reasonable colo.


On 2/15/19 3:46 PM, John Lange wrote:
> Just curious why you are looking to Colo a server vs. a vm in AWS or 
> Azure? Cloud is why it is so hard to find Colo these days.
> Or why not just put it on a decent business internet service and put it 
> under your desk?
> John
> On Fri, Feb 15, 2019, 2:45 PM Adam Thompson <athompso at athompso.net 
> <mailto:athompso at athompso.net> wrote:
>     Fiber Fortress is winding down and not accepting new customers,
>     according to the owner.
>     Quite a few ISPs are willing to let you place a small 1U rack
>     server, if you already have a business relationship with them. (Have
>     fun with physical access, though.)
>     There's also Global Server Center (a division of The Exchange Group)
>     which is Winnipeg's version of 141 Front St., and does offer 1U
>     collocation.
>     You may have talked to the wrong part of BellMTS, you want MTS
>     Datacenters, don't have contact info right now, sorry. They have
>     their own AS and domain.
>     In general, though, there are a lot fewer options today than 10yrs
>     ago. Mostly because everyone goes virtual, that being "good enough"
>     for 99.999% of applications.
>     -Adam
>     On February 14, 2019 5:20:40 PM CST, Daulton <daulton at tetmail.ca
>     <mailto:daulton at tetmail.ca>> wrote:
>         Hi guys,
>         I wanted to contribute some information, I have researched others for
>         colocation but here are the top contenders so far. I am waiting for
>         quotes for more, so if I find more good options I will send them.
>         Notably for local companies, Fiber Fortress and Bell MTS did not even
>         bother to respond. Manitoba Hydro Telecom appears to only sell 1/3
>         cabinets as their lowest size available.
>         ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>         Company: Amanah
>         Location(s): Toronto at 151 Front Street and 1 Yonge Street
>         Single 1U 1.88″(H) x 24″(W) x 42″(D) 1 Amp 110V 100Mbps / 1Gbps 8 IPs
>         (/29) -5Usable $99 Monthly & $99 Setup on a 12 Month term.
>         They also have a free vlan for you as well, and have fiber between the
>         data centers and a cross connections.
>         ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>         Company: Nuday
>         Location(s): 231 Amber St. Markham, ON
>         Features: 1U Space, 2AMP / 120v UPS / Generator Power, 1000 Mbps Up/Down
>         Port, 5 Static Public IP ( /29 ), 3000 GB Data Transfer / Month, $59 / Month
>         ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>         Company: Les Net
>         Location(s):  Winnipeg
>         Costs: 1U space $30 / month, /29 IP addresses $20 / month, 6 power
>         outlets $30 / month, 100M internet connection $175 / month, Power usage
>         $135/KW
>         Power usage wise it would cost $62 / month for something like a Dell R710.
>         ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>         Thanks,
>         Daulton
>         On 2/6/19 6:39 PM, Daulton wrote:
>             Hi guys,
>             Does anyone have any estimates they could give me for the
>             prices for 1U
>             or 2U colocation at any of the cities providers? Whether it
>             be MTS,
>             Les.net, Fiber Fortress, etc. I know I can contact them each
>             for quotes
>             but I am first wondering about your guys experience.
>             To give an example of power usage it would be something such
>             as a Dell
>             R710.
>             Thanks,
>             Daulton
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