[RndTbl] Co-location costs

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Sat Feb 16 02:31:53 CST 2019

On 2019-02-15 John Lange wrote:
> Just curious why you are looking to Colo a server vs. a vm in AWS or
> Azure? Cloud is why it is so hard to find Colo these days.

I'll take a guess, but Daulton can elaborate.  How about Spectre and
the never-ending stream of lookalikes?  I'd also throw in there the
fact that many/most sec kernel bugs these days are kvm/virt related.

The market is still there.  There's a reason RackSpace can charge $500+
month for bare-metal hosting.

> Or why not just put it on a decent business internet service and put
> it under your desk?

With Wpg internet prices it looks like it's cheaper per month to colo
with one of the providers Daulton listed!!  Not to mention you'd get
more 9's with most decent colo providers than your local shaw or mts
line (even "business class").

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