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Daulton daulton at tetmail.ca
Thu Feb 14 17:20:40 CST 2019

Hi guys,

I wanted to contribute some information, I have researched others for 
colocation but here are the top contenders so far. I am waiting for 
quotes for more, so if I find more good options I will send them.

Notably for local companies, Fiber Fortress and Bell MTS did not even 
bother to respond. Manitoba Hydro Telecom appears to only sell 1/3 
cabinets as their lowest size available.


Company: Amanah
Location(s): Toronto at 151 Front Street and 1 Yonge Street

Single 1U 1.88″(H) x 24″(W) x 42″(D) 1 Amp 110V 100Mbps / 1Gbps 8 IPs 
(/29) -5Usable $99 Monthly & $99 Setup on a 12 Month term.

They also have a free vlan for you as well, and have fiber between the 
data centers and a cross connections.


Company: Nuday
Location(s): 231 Amber St. Markham, ON

Features: 1U Space, 2AMP / 120v UPS / Generator Power, 1000 Mbps Up/Down 
Port, 5 Static Public IP ( /29 ), 3000 GB Data Transfer / Month, $59 / Month


Company: Les Net
Location(s):  Winnipeg

Costs: 1U space $30 / month, /29 IP addresses $20 / month, 6 power 
outlets $30 / month, 100M internet connection $175 / month, Power usage 

Power usage wise it would cost $62 / month for something like a Dell R710.



On 2/6/19 6:39 PM, Daulton wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Does anyone have any estimates they could give me for the prices for 1U 
> or 2U colocation at any of the cities providers? Whether it be MTS, 
> Les.net, Fiber Fortress, etc. I know I can contact them each for quotes 
> but I am first wondering about your guys experience.
> To give an example of power usage it would be something such as a Dell 
> R710.
> Thanks,
> Daulton
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