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Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Wed Apr 10 11:18:42 CDT 2019

On 2019-04-10 11:12, Kevin McGregor wrote:

> Further to last night's RTFM: 
> Solaris 10's 'xargs' does *not* appear to support -P: 
> xargs: Usage: xargs: [-t] [-p] [-e[eofstr]] [-E eofstr] [-I replstr] [-i[replstr]] [-L #] [-l[#]] [-n # [-x]] [-s size] [cmd [args ...]] 
> On the bright side (crossing my fingers), we won't be supporting the Solaris 10 boxes much longer. Well, maybe only one of them, but it shouldn't need much attention. After this summer we'll need to support just one app/DB pair of zones. 
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Well, shoot. 

That leaves make(1) for doing things in parallel on S10, then. 
Similarly, one could write out a temporary makefile then invoke make -j.
 Wait, that's part of the PWB on Sol10, never mind :-(. 

To my surprise, the -P (parallel) option is not part of any POSIX or
X/Open or SUS specification that I can find right now, but it's
sufficiently widespread that (as long as you don't need to run Solaris
10) I'm still calling that "portable".  -Ish. 

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