[RndTbl] Hard drive failure - turned out to be an SSD

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>On 2018-06-29 Frank H wrote:
>> I couldn't send the video but yes it is an ssd. Very odd.Very odd
>Part number??
>I can tell by the noise and the blurry video that it's a 2.5" spinning
>rust drive.

Sorry, Frank, that is not an SSD (solid state disk, i.e. flash memory).
It's a traditional hard disk, 500GB capacity, spinning at 7200rpm - the rotational speed is even shown on the label in the bottom-right corner.

If it's making "interesting" new noises, it's likely completely dead.  Try the freezer technique anyway, but on those drives, I'd only give it about a 2-3% chance anyway.  (The technique works much better on, say, older 3.5" 10000rpm or 15000rpm disks, which run much hotter and have larger components that shrink more when chilled.)

Good luck - you're going to need it.

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