[RndTbl] Mail server config on Ubuntu (Postfix?)

Kevin McGregor kevin.a.mcgregor at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 11:46:19 CDT 2018

I'm trying to configure Postfix on Ubuntu 18.04LTS. It's working, in the
basic sense, but not doing everything I want. I've read some of the config
help and examples, but I'm still not clear on what to do.

For each Ubuntu server I manage, I'd like these to work:

user1 at ubuntu:~$ mail -s "Test" user2 <message-body

user1 at ubuntu:~$ mail -s "Test" user2 at ubuntu <message-body

user1 at ubuntu:~$ mail -s "Test" user2 at ubuntu.mydomainname <message-body

user1 at ubuntu:~$ mail -s "Test" user3 at myotherdomainname <message-body

I hope that's clear. Or
mail -s "Test" jdoe
mail -s "Test" jdoe at server678
mail -s "Test" jdoe at server678.domain1.org
...which would all deliver email locally to this server (server678) and the
last one would be for mail which is destined for any other user NOT on this
server but in domain2 (domain1 and domain2 are both internal workplace
domains), and which will have to go through a relay host to get anywhere:
mail -s "Test" santa394 at domain2.org

I don't know if I've made myself clear. Ask questions and I'll try to
clarify what I want.

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